I don’t know what it is about having a bath over a shower that is so therapeutic and gives such rejuvenating powers. Granted, there’s the whole lying down thing as opposed to standing up and sucking up the heat rather than have it cascade over your head and back but given where our species evolved from (apes who have a natural terror of water), I find it hard to fathom. I like the line in Steve Perry’s “Shadows of the Empire” where Prince Xizor says that the Falleen are born of the water and its nice to return to it. Scrub out the word Falleen and replace with Pisces.

Hands are getting worse – instead of being dry and flaky, they are now red and cracked. Granted I was out in the open air a great deal today but I made sure to leave my ‘thinsulate’ gloves at home which I thought was the cause of the initial problem. I officially have old person hands at the moment which require petrochemical distillate applied to them. S’not pretty.

Had a poke around Selfridges food hall today to look for birthday inspiration but couldn’t find it so went to Sainsbury’s and bought a bunch of food instead. Nothing sweet, all vegetable and vitamin C enriched. Here’s to a long lie-in tomorrow.