Not carrying a bag to work means that on the rare occasions that I do bother dragging my sad sack (i.e. to the Griffin Quiz) in with me, it gets used as a storage receptacle for all sorts of junk which is perpetually forgotten about the other six days of the week. Why have I began this blog entry with such a non-sequiteur? Because my twattin’ earphones are in my friggin’ bag and I’ve forgotten about them two days on the trot! What’s worse is that I deliberately went through my bag this morning looking for some chocolaty goodness to accompany lunch.

In all fairness, I’ve also forgotten to bring in a letter and a birthday card for Rat Boy which needed to be posted today though I did remember the Quorn lasagne for lunch…which stinks of last night’s leftovers. Y’see, I had a craving last night for baked beans because only Heinz will do. So I prepared the usual beans meal with some crumpets (as I forewent breakfast in the vain hope that Brendan would call and make good on his promise – git) and I had the notion to put my hyper-ripened Brie into the beans to enhance the flavour. The cheese stunk to high heaven, as bad as Limburger cheese although the taste was heavenly. However, the fridge is now similarly olfractorily augmented.

I did quite well yesterday as I had a full day’s walking under my belt – 18500 steps (according to my 3DS) which if the interweb vaguely speaks the truth, is equivalent to 9¼ miles. Tried to go yellow sticker shopping in M&S but couldn’t find anything beyond party food (and even then that was only savoury eggs) and super-expensive cuisine which wasn’t reduced that much. But the Sainsbury’s in Stratford yielded a few more results – everything had been slashed by 75% in their cheapo section.

What’s the big haps otherwise? Um…oh the Darth Plagueis ebook was finally released to iBooks after several weeks of seeing NOTHING in the store (no advance order purchasing, no scheduling) so I snapped that up for £7 off the cover price in FP. And there’s a new Adrian Mole compilation which is the equivalent of buying two books and getting another two free so that’ll be the next purchase – which pretty much complete my Mole collection so I am free to give away half a shelf of books to Oxfam…let the good times roll (like your eyes, I’m sure).

Still can’t make a decision about the birthday however – I might go to the Griffin and discuss options there before coming to any sort of conclusion. The Doctor doesn’t want to mark his birthday in a fortnight but I’ve sorta decided on what to get the old git who is officially middle aged as of 17th Feb.

Thought for the day – what happened to pinball machines? Once the mainstays of pubs and café’s, they have all but disappeared from sight. I know that they aren’t exactly hip or cool any more but still, there’s probably enough of a market to keep people interested. Everyone used to love the Addams Family pinball machine and the Indiana Jones one was pretty cool as well.