Today’s uninspiring title comes from the Codemasters game of the same name by the Oliver Twins. David Whittaker (I think) gave us the music which is very much in line with the 1980s interest in Robin Hood i.e. Robin of Sherwood with Michael Praed. I do enjoy the sid player I have installed on my PC and every now and again, say once every couple of months, I go on a complete 8-bit binge, reliving those heady days of playing C64 games on a black and white portable television. There are also the few remade games (I have no control pad for the emulator so those games are a big, fat bust).

Well, what a week. Theale wasn’t as appalling as I made out on Monday but First Great Western’s abysmal service on Tuesday morning (and there’s nothing they can say either to refute that claim) meant I and a number of other people attending the workshop were delayed by over thirty minutes. And the 100 metre sprint down platform 7 at Reading Station was genius. NOT.

Tuesday evening saw a very frank conversation between myself and the good doctor –


is being given to a relationship revival. You’re getting no more than that.

Thursday perhaps was the highlight of the week as I checked my lottery tickets and found that for the first time, I’d been successful in matching four numbers and won £58. Of course now that it’s Sunday, all but £5 has been spent though I was able to stretch it out into grocery shopping for a week – well it would have been but most of it was eaten at the Wii Night, a birthday gift and that all important office treat mix of ex-Xmas biscuit tins. Did that make grammatical sense? Ah, what do I care?

As for Friday, there wasn’t much to say about Friday owing to the fact I was hungover after quaffing 2/3 bottle Black Smirnoff and it was the last day at work for two weeks. Checked out mentally so there wasn’t anything to do. Except make a few phonecalls to DVLA to try and get some information about foreign driver statistics. But came home after a quick trip to FP in the evening to mashed potato and baked beans with a squeeze of garlic.

My week in a nutshell. Still having serious issues with KOTOR on my laptop, damned compatibility mode…