Drinks with Brendan on Monday evening once again brought up and highlighted the issue of social/dating sites and the fact that so many people cannot seem to be able to either compile a decent profile, select a suitable photograph of themselves or make someone linger beyond a cursory glance.

I was gawping at the usual sites whilst there were the breaks in chat as one does when I came across a particularly obnoxious profile which I felt compelled to share and then dissect. No specifics here but then after a Crabbies-enhanced analysis, he asked me what makes a good profile and what he should write on his.

So, to write a good profile, first consider who is your intended audience and who is likely to click on your profile. Keep this in mind when choosing what you have to say and then consider who are you looking to attract: friends, shags, dates etc.

Tailor the profile to meet audience expectations – casual meets aren’t going to want to see long literary lists or pictures of you eating dinner in a restaurant. Dates won’t want to see you appealingly drunk or read about the precise details of your sexual preferences, animal, vegetable or mineral.

And as I’ve moaned about before, it’s a smart idea to avoid lists and negatives. Describe yourself in exacting terms, not vague clichés which say nothing. And for a sanity check, ensure photos broadly agree with the profile not just in physical description but people looking for quiet nights in should not really post a bunch of pictures from the last orgy in Mykonos.

It’s all lazy, sloppy and unoriginal thinking/behaviour and little wonder why there’s such disenchantment with the nature of online profiling.

Rant composed on train over. More whining to come.