I wish.

Alas, the warning signs that have been needling me all week were an indicator that something was wrong and lugging this leviathan of a laptop around London yesterday was a poor idea. I woke up this morning, stretched and something happened just like it did about a year ago when my back had a spasm and didn’t make the rest of the week particularly nice. So it’s been on fire on and off for all of today much to my annoyance though hasn’t been an inconvenience as only laundry and chores were planned for today.

Last night was Andy’s farewell drink, think he liked the guestbook that I gave him for the pub – whether or not he’ll use it is another matter entirely but it’s the thought that counts. It was a gift of quality, no mere tat. Caught up with people old and new at the Griffin though I stayed far longer than I’d originally envisaged and missed the last train by seconds, being forced to do the nightbus duopoly instead. There was one tiny consolation however, I found out where the terminus for the 25 & N8 is (round the corner at John Lewis) so rather than go to the bus stop near HMV, I can use that one and guarantee myself a seat the next time I’m stuck on a sodding crapbus.

I was able to watch the repeat of Sherlock on BBC3 this evening – not a bad reinterpretation and I spotted references to a couple of other stories thrown into the mix but it was the usual sappy ending (clearly made for the foreign audience).

I think…he said after a long-ish pause…that I might afford the luxury of an early night tonight. To hell with unconvention, sleep is required and the house is empty so that’ll facilitate it better.