Rather than indulge in the usual walk tonight, I decided on the spur of the moment to take the tube from Victoria and go to Westfield in a sudden burst of shopping activity. I had no overall plan though several flashes of inspiration were kicking about the back of my head such as books, games and random bits of John Lewis bourgeoisie tat. My first stop was Game – not least because I didn’t know there was a branch in Westfield which seemed much nicer than the one in the regular Stratford centre. The two people I was considering from this store were Mr Moore and Mr Wilmot but alas my general sense of selfishness kicked in and ended up buying Sid Meier’s Pirates and Epic Mickey for myself. Though I could end up making gifts of them…oooh, the temptation.

Anyway, I did a complete sweep of the ground floor, also calling into the Lego shop on behalf of Mr Jordan but alas there was no Lego Batman to be seen – I guess it’s a discontinued line. Though I know he likes the Lego Ninjago line which is another possibility to pursue. It was somewhat heartening to see a return of the high street toy store after years of confinement by Toys R Us and the Argos product lines.

Every time I looked at a product, all I could think of was my bank balance and whilst it’s currently healthy and robust, it’s hard to consider upsetting the fiscal equilibrium. The Yoshi’s Island Lot will get something akin to Secret Santa tat which is easy enough to manage. But there’s Lee, Xian, Brendan, Andy & John and perhaps the wife that I want to consider buying for. Plus the staff of the Griffin. I’m not really fussed about housemates or family as per usual but then I receive a text message and so I feel…obligated to reciprocate with the first gesture in ages.

Speaking of financial woes, I allowed myself to lend the wife another £100 until Friday. I am convinced I’ll not see that for at least a Lustrum but the possibility of being surprised remains the spark of hope. My suspicions were roused as to the reasons why such a large amount over two days and I fear the worst. However, one must remain optimistic, however apprehensive.

Now that the bulk of hellweek is over, I have a fairly clear calendar in the run up to the end of the year with Rose’s retirement party tonight, coffee with Lee and Damon next week, lunch with Raj, a dental torture session and the finale of the Griffin Quiz. I was doing the maths in my head – realistically following my shopping trip on Saturday, I only need £150 for me for the rest of the month – the rest is “savings”. Life won’t work out like that but it’s a nice aspiration.

I know, that’s just been one long whine about money and so fucking boring to read but imagine what’s it’s like to write this crap. However, it’s helped my focus and organise my thoughts and I know the way forward. Should have made a bunch of Joe’s famous cheesecakes – cheaper.

Right – I don’t think I mentioned the Quiz on Tuesday. First of all was a change to our line up. Andy’s mum was in attendance and she joined our team although we were moved to the table opposite the DJ booth (aka the Naughty Table). Although assured it was Alex the barmaid’s fault for putting us there by accident, we remained sceptical. It was nice not to have to yell “shut the twatting door” every thirty seconds. And we battled our way to victory for the second week in a row, also winning a bonus prize (a chocolate Xmas pudding). There was a bit of a row at the end of the quiz over the choice of the prize. I picked the Cider (mainly as there were six of us) and came in a pack of 24 – there was no wine but I got berated for not choosing the beer. I then pointed out that two of the team don’t drink beer and it’s not fair to them to keep going out and the “you’ve bested me with your unassailable logic” grunt was heard.

And I finally completed all tracks on all levels on Mario Kart 7 last night so tick off another game as finished. I’ve also got 1* rating on all cups unlocking the golden wheels. So what now? Well I’ll try and at least gain a 2* rating on all cups, play online games and wait for the next hot thing.

As for the title from the last post “Whatever happened to Climie Fisher” – one died, the other is a successful songwriter and dance artist. So there.