After several weeks of disappointments, failures and sulks – and I blame the Communication course I took nine years ago for the annoying habit of making lists of three items – Yoshi’s Island finally won the Griffin quiz for perhaps the second time this season and in a very rare double whammy, we took home the rollover prize also for noting how many kilowatt hours the solar panels at Vauxhall bus station have provided since their installation. As I have taken a vague note of it each time I pass the scoreboard, I had a number in my head and we hit the remit comfortably. So four bottles of wine and £50 were ours between the three of us (it was a quiet night).

Fresh from victory, I went home and rather than do anything sensible, I started a Gallic game of RTW, just to see how the opening moves would pan out – clean forgot about the city of Lugdinium south of Alesia and so the Germans took it from the Rebel forces (stupid) but I got Massila before the Julii. Interesting start anyway.

What else is new, hip and happening in my world? Progress continues on MK7 – all the 100cc cups and half the 150cc cups completed with at least 1* ratings on them all. Still yet to try the multiplayer (as opposed to the online gaming) but I dare say when enough people get a copy then something can be organised. Tonight is dinner at Stephens house – first time I’ve been invited there.

I really don’t have anything else to add as its been an uneventful day. Even my brain hasn’t thrown up any new thoughts to process and consider.

Oh, and as to why on the title for the thread – I’ve been rewatching the Jimmy Saville youtube video “Jingle Hangle Jewellery” which got more than a few states from…colleagues when I practically wet myself with laughter.