Quiz disaster on Tuesday – we were leading the way at the half way stage following a dazzling display of brilliance and sheer gumption and nothing to do with some lucky guesswork. However, when the second half of the quiz started and the bulk of the questions were music based, we collapsed faster than an Italian Coalition Government. Despite coming third overall and winning a bonus round thanks to some stupidity by the other teams, we still ended up disappointed, not least because the rollover went to another team who wasn’t us.

Rattus Cockus.

Was out with Brendan on Wednesday – nothing earth shattering to report but we didn’t achieve my goal of doing “something” which was mostly in response to the past week’s events and the need to participate in an activity rather than drinkin’ and eatin’. But we did discover that the Trocadero has severely gone down in amusement levels with very little left that was still open and it being a complete tourist trap.

And Thursday was a day of rain so I forewent my walk after work in favour of going straight home; it’s novel to get in before 7 – albeit a minute before 7.