Drink a few pints of British Brewed lager, feel like shite in the morning. Drink a few pints of German Brewed lager, feel excellent in the morning. So why am I still here? Good old Krombach – sehr nicht schlect.

That pretty much tells you all you need to know about my night last night at Zeitgeist. It was good to catch up with old friends and have a nice Deutsche bier and a Pretzel. Brain is a bit fuzzy recalling details of what happened after I left the pub although I know exactly what I did – walked through Spring Gardens, took the train at Vauxhall to Waterloo, got stuck behind morons on the travelator, walked from Stratford Station home, ate lasagne, had a bath, turned on the heating, resumed my RTW Egypt game, watched American Dad, spoke with people online.

I’m glad we’re at the end of another week though I maintain my belief I’m living two days a week with the rest just being filler. I hope 3DLD is transposed successfully in December as I really fancy two weeks off in January. And of course there’s pay day coming up in twelve days which couldn’t come sooner afaic (Is that a genuine acronym? Well it is now).

One other thing on the horizon is this general strike day on November 30th which is all the rage at work with people discussing their plans for that day. I maintain my stance that a strike really should be for matters of a last resort and there are alternatives to laying down the tools and refusing to work. I came up with a plan which I won’t disclose now but would be far more devastating and perfectly legal, above board and completely sympathetic. However, one has to disclose the usual “can’t afford to lose a day’s pay” thing as a reason for being a scab. Yes, I’m not happy about the proposed changes but the message can be put across in a far more effective manner.

And to close with today, this is from an email just now about how Nintendo have slipped up a bit with the Wii:

Well – the company really were on to a winner with this round of the Console Wars – the Wiimote had its doubters but actually it genuinely worked, particularly with certain games where the functionality synched perfectly. So much so that the doubters were won over and the other two released the Kinect and the Move in order to keep up.

And then there was the idea of the Virtual Console, another potential disaster but this spawned Xbox Live and the PSNetwork – though Nintendo’s support for the Virtual Console has been sadly lacking and you can’t transfer purchased games from one to another or if your console has been wiped following repair (sux).

The flash memory on the console could have been beefed up a bit more, especially if one liked VC games. And Nintendo could have participated in the Achievement Ladder things thus increasing the replayability of certain games.

There’s also been an over-reliance on the core cast of Nintendo characters rather than looking at newer games to hang their hats on. The Mario Party Franchise seems to have been shut down whilst other games are TBH more of the same rather than innovative and new.