Belgo’s – home of Belgium’s three gifts to the world: good lager, good, chocolate, good stodge. And last night I had chance to sample all three! I’d persuaded Brendan to go there as I haven’t been in ages and really fancied it and he was amenable. And as we were able to get there before 6.30, we qualified for the Beat the Clock promotion which I took advantage of having a Vegetable Stack Tartlet with goats cheese. Brendan had mussels but I couldn’t persuade him to try anything further – damn these polite types. I tried some different beers but made room for chocolate beer and wanted to try the £32 beer just because it was £32 for a pint.

After Belgos, we went to B@1 for a quick cocktail – I had a Mexican Iced Tea, he had a Pina Colada so naturally I ragged on that. In the end, I got pretty drunk, dropped my 3DS hard on the pavement and behaved in a way to elicit a few stares. Naturally I didn’t give a vrelt’s ass. And it was only 9.30 by the time I got home which meant that I could have a green tea in order to sober up a bit and played a couple of hours on RTW as well as fire off a few messages/emails to various correspondents.

Again, it added to the whole motif of “expensive week” though you can’t take it with you.