Old habits certainly die hard and if I hadn’t caught myself, I would have spent over £100 last night on DVDs and games. And probably on the quiz machine also. Jah see, HMV sent me an email saying I hadn’t made a purchase in store in absolutely ages so if I did within a set time period, I’d be entitled to some bonus points on my reward card. And I did – the original intention was to buy Cybill season 1 on DVD but whilst browsing the shelves, particularly to see if Rome had been reduced on Blu-Ray, I noticed that the original Batman anthology had been slashed in price so that was picked up as was Family Guy season 10. Then when browsing the games, I was extremely tempted by a couple of Wii games (despite barely touching the damn console in ages) but reined the desire to possess.

And afterwards I called into Fat Bar for nostalgia’s sake and wasted a large amount of cash on the machine, again for nostalgia’s sake. Went home not very happy. Would have called in to Tesco but one of my least favourite Big Issue vendors was loitering on the corner of Dean Street which precipitated a dash for Tottenham Court Road. Though I have noticed two sweet shops that have popped up on the top end of Oxford Street – my hunt for the Peppermint Fondants continues with zero success. Of course if there are any readers know the name of the below confection, or better yet where they can be procured, I shall be…grateful.

These confections are small squares, about 1.5cm and are half white, half pink. They’re peppermint fondants and there’s a small cross on the middle on one side – a sort of Swiss Flag thing going on.

I may have asked this before, I dare say it’ll be asked again but I always remember buying these things at the Christmas Markets and Woolworths whilst living in Münster and I’d love to be able to get a hold of them again. Of course, it’s not entirely dissimilar to a Fry’s Peppermint Cream sans the chocolate coating although those bars aren’t exactly easy to get a hold of. Bastard distributors.

Alas on the way home I was overcome with hunger and called into the Atlantic Fish Bar for the first time in two months and drowned my dinner in low fat mayo (another damned expense) before scarfing it whilst watching the first of seven back to back episodes of Cybill. It certainly helped that there was bugger all on TV to gawp at and the two housemates were both in sulks over their respective careers.

As for the rest, well I’m looking forward to this afternoon/evening – the weekend is here once again which means catching up with sleep, gaming, distressing and loadsa fun. There are no plans for tomorrow – there’s a party I’ve not been invited to (owing to the lack of a Facebook status) plus German Chris is having a birthday party tonight but it’s in Brighton and there’d be issues. Staying over just isn’t an option for me, I like my own bed.

Oh, I perhaps should have mentioned that I had lunch with Andy S at the Black Dog in Vauxhall yesterday – first time I’ve eaten in there and it was very not bad. Pumpkin soup and Welsh Rarebit and Andy disclosed that the deal has been set for his move dahn sarf to Penvesey. It’s just too bad that lunchtimes have to be compressed into an hour because you just get about warmed up and then you must return to your respective prison cells. I did try and advocate the Tea Shop Theatre (formerly the Queen Anne) but he warned it was grossly overpriced. Oh well…

Next week is a big meeting full of meetings and Friday bowling! And I need to call/rant/shout at the stupid Doctor as the turd still hasn’t called to beg for absolution.