All’s well in Greece – the Brutii have fallen. Following a stunning defence of Tarentium where our hoplites were outnumbered three to one, the armies of the House of Scipii and Brutii were repelled and reinforcements marched south towards Croton where the city lay under siege for four years before a desperate breakout was repelled and the tip of Italia once again reverted to direct control from Sparta. With the fall of Thessalonika to our forces in the north, the Macedonians are reduced to Bylazora and the small fishing village of Byzantium although their core armies have not been destroyed which may prove somewhat…problematic. Meanwhile the Gallic colony of Salona quietly fell to a surprise attack thus delivering a slap in the face to the upstart barbarians from the north and has all but eliminated their presence in the Adriatic. The Kingdom of Pontus has not made any successive moves towards Peraginum since our diplomats…persuaded an advancing army to disappear with a substantive cash sum – more fool them.

Gone native? You bet! Alas I keep recruiting armies from Sparta thus retarding the growth and development of the city. Sparta is the only city that can recruit Spartan Hoplites and only at a certain level. More of a note to myself to get peasant armies from Athens and Corinth to artificially boost the population.

Weekly Quiz report: Came third, perhaps would have won had answers not been changed but that was a pan-team fault because we were all at it. Though I like the way that I’m being accused of causing…results to dip given how other people don’t contribute as much. Still, I’ve mentally noted and filed it in the back of my mind along with everything else.

Was supposed to be going out tonight but that’s been cancelled owing to illness. I’m not too disappointed but for the wrong reasons, specifically that I don’t have to spend any money. Now that the financial…ravages of the middle of the year are over, socking money away can be the order of the day. I only spent £15 at the quiz last night – two drinks and food + the cost of the quiz itself. But as I’d spent liberally at Pie then it’s justified. That leaves me with £35 which I’d taken out Monday evening and it’d be good to have the bulk of that still in my pocket by Saturday.

I’m also continuing to work my way through Professor Layton on the 3DS but I’m nearing the end of that and therefore either need to get a new challenge to work on or just wait for Mario on the 18th. There are no other games worth getting from the new release schedule with the obvious exception of Mario Kart 7. Well, for my consoles, anyway.

Right, end of another blog entry. Time to…do something else. Like go home. Perhaps a different routed walk is in order.