So sayeth Cleopatra VII to Gaius Octavian Caesar. In the final episode of Rome, that’s what she utters before succumbing to the bite of an Asp. Whilst Octavian looks somewhat perturbed by this statement, the viewer is forced to question whether that’s because he’s shocked by the revelation given his family life living in the house of the Julii or whether he’s disturbed that someone else would tell him that, at least someone who wasn’t his mother or his sister. Though given the nature of the two previous episodes, it’s very hypocritical of Cleopatra to have made such a statement given her manipulative tendencies. Then again the Ptolomaic Pharoah’s were just as manipulative as their Republican Roman counterparts. Such an era must have been frustrating to live in given the obscene amount of double standards and hypocrisy.

Once again I was disappointed to have come to the end of my DVD boxset this morning and wish that HBO and the BBC hadn’t lost their nerve with the continued funding for the series. How would a third season have progressed with the reign of Augustus Caesar up to the defeat in the Teutoberg Forest? Would we have seen the reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, Nero etc? And what of the supporting cast? Ah, such speculation will descend into the realm of the fantastic because it almost certainly won’t happen unless the rumours of a film transmute into more than mere whispers.

In the world of the domestic, the temperature is dropping and it won’t be long before I’m going to have to succumb to turning on the radiators. I know I’ve said that before, it’s just one of those annoyances which will have to become reality in short order. There’d be a report on the weekend to go with this blog post but I just can’t be bothered today. Maybe later.