The last blog entry; everything contained therein turned out to be a big bust. Of the lottery numbers I dreamt up, only one of them was actually drawn. Though it was a rollover and so perhaps fate deigned me to play them a second time. And as for meeting the stupid Doctor on Sunday – that never happened as the douchebag was a big, fat no-show. What a surprise – I’m owed money and he fails to appear. I think the “Mug” tattoo on my forehead is too subtle and needs to be carved in with a razor blade just to get the point across.

I’d say this was a great way to start the week but as most Monday’s commence somewhere at sub-sewer level, it’s hardly a great revelation. The one bright spot of yesterday was going around New Covent Garden Market. It’s certainly different from what I remember and the sheer number of “electrical appliances” on sale made me wonder why the police weren’t investigating them in the aftermath of August’s riots. There certainly was also a lot of tat on sale, none of which especially piqued my interest apart from a couple of pieces of furniture which didn’t look half bad. After wandering around the entire market, I did find the bakery stall and bought eight big, fat donuts for £5. I had one and took the rest home as we can eat them during the quiz on Tuesday.

This will be a short update as there’s very little else worthy of mentioning. I plan on comfort eating my chilli at lunchtime and there’s several Tupperware boxes full of cooked vegetables in my fridge at home for tonight. A Linda McCartney vegetarian pie would be nice to go with them.