To have gotten out of this dump after 3 hours 36 minutes yesterday. It’d have been even nicer not to have escaped at 1.36pm but earlier; alas there was no way I was getting into work early owing to the usual slug-a-bed issues. Chris wasn’t free until 4pm (he was running late amongst other things) so I went to Costa on Old Compton Street like I’d planned and had toasted sandwich for lunch with a muffin as it was 3pm by the time I walked there and I plugged in my laptop for a quick game of Civ whilst I was there.

I don’t know what the gays are doing during the week but by the time 4pm came around the place went from empty to max on the campometer. Lots of twirly gestures, nasal voices, grotesque man-jewellery and thick spectacles were seen flooding the downstairs section. I had to crank up the volume on the laptop and resumed my gaming. Though I did watch a couple more Old Republic trailers – don’t think much of the gameplay though the FMV was beautiful, especially the Korriban trailer. The proto-Han Solo was a bit too gimmickey and they should have just given him the fedora and have done with it.

Well, Chris finally arrived and as he had bitter memories of the place (as an employee of one day…), we went to the Welly (hideous and plenty of beggars/bogus charity collectors harassing folk outside) and then on to Retro Bar which seemed to be lesbian night from the number of women-only couples upstairs. Though there was a brief detour to Cotswold Outdoor shop as he wanted some hiking shoes for his Majorca holiday.

After we departed – him for a concert on Clerkenwell Road, me for home, I got home and had a typical evening in, food, cleaning, TV, PC, bed. Perhaps the Massimo Crème Brulee latte was something of a mistake as it took forever to pass out though the sound of the witches from next door cackling outside my bedroom window didn’t help matters.

Kinda wished that I hadn’t had the bottle of Franks and the Kopparberg because I’ve done well not to have alcohol this week but two units (or whatever it works out as) isn’t all that bad in the grand scheme of things. Still, I was very hungry after my Sainsbury’s pasta dinner and had a bag of hula-hoops and a lemon & white chocolate giant cookie.