One of the unexpected but nonetheless welcome ancillary issues arising from the recent heatwave is that the cats are spending an inordinate amount of time outside the house. The little black cat aka “stuck-up bitch” seems to be lying on top of the scavenged shelves sunning herself whilst I have no idea where the other one is but I’ve taken to chasing him outside the house as he’s still earning my contempt by his actions. I’m happy the carpets and the kitchen floor are no longer covered in clumps of fur and whilst I know it can’t last, I nonetheless intend to enjoy having a moderately clean and tidy house.

One has to wonder what the longer-term consequences of the fine weather London has been experiencing lately will be. Kismet would point to either a prolonged winter or merely a very cold one where we’ll all be sewn up inside duvets shuffling off to work. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility we’ll have a mild (albeit wet) winter like the freak show two years ago when you could come to work without coats at the beginning of February.

The rest of the week is supposed to be slowly growing colder as the wind direction switches to the North West so we’re getting Iceland’s second hand smoke. It’ll be cooler but not too bad, one hopes and it’ll be cool enough to permit some self-regulation with regard body temperature, particularly when walking around London. Either I’m slowly morphing into Tony Blair (albeit with better teeth) and sweating like a pig or I’m just pushing myself quite hard which I suspect is more likely to be the case. However, I’m keeping the weight off which is only a good thing and keeping things interesting on certain levels by generating a bit of a buzz after a good constitutional.

The worst of my cold is over – if you can call it the worst; a bit of sneezing and a few filled Kleenex don’t precisely amount to a plague if you ask me. However, there’s a lingering coughing issue – a dry cough, of course which hasn’t quite vamoosed yet. To combat this, I’m switching to the juice I purloined at work during the day and at least one herbal tea at night to try the homeopathic approach rather than do what Tim has done and drugged up on cough elixir. Although the prospect of a Flaming Homer does sound appealing.

I did have a brief game of…ah…a certain Sid Meier classic on Sunday. I was Brennus of the Celts as I find them quite useless and so thought I’d enjoy the challenge. I swear the computer is learning from my strategies and employing precisely the correct tactics to stop me. It stuck 5 civs on my continent whilst the Americans and the Ottomans enjoyed an entire continent to themselves (until I discovered it and put 4 cities on the southern tip). Then it had the Vikings and English gang up on me though it was me who started the war against England initially when I took Nottingham and York. After capturing London and Hastings, the English were wiped out and then the Vikings launched a massive invasion. Alas, I’d already begun to deploy airships so I softened them up with several bombing raids and then used cavalry to pick off “the stack of doom” before taking two of their unspellable towns and they capitulated. After I separated the Incans from the Sumerians by making them my Vassals, I won an unexpected Diplomatic Victory.

It’s finally October and for me that chiefly means I’m another step closer to paying off and getting rid of that albatross-like loan from around my neck. There’s only five payments to go and then…YAY!! My salary will be my own again. On my walk up to E3 yesterday evening, I was mentally planning out a potential 33rd Birthday Party and who I might like to invite. Of course I’d be able to take the insurance repayment towards it (although the master plan is severely behind schedule after an expensive six months gone by). Five months is not too early to think about these things…honest.