On the off chance I become note-worthy enough of an autobiography, I pity the poor sap that has to help me write it. It wouldn’t be a ghost-written effort, I’m too much of a control freak for that but all the primary source material is scattered far and wide and has been subject to…revisionism over the years that it’s hard to ascertain objective fact from bias. But should a biography be objective or should it be subjective? After all, they all take facts from various primary and secondary sources that the truth is contained within the evidence, everything else can only be a matter of interpretation.

One “biography” that I would like to see – and have tried to write myself before I invariably got bored – is that of Star Wars Episode IV. Given the Expanded Universe is officially 20 years old this year, I thought that Lucas would welcome an updating of the original novelisation to take into account much of the prequel trilogy where possible and the Expanded Universe too. Not that we want it to be an Angst fest where every time Vader looks at Princess Leia, he is “chillingly reminded of the wife he lost, that he murdered”. But there are many motivations that can be retconned back into the story and there can be more continuity nods. But I expect this has already been done in the world of fan-dom, I’ve just never been bothered to look for it. Just something that’s been knocking around the back of my brain today.

Reet, what’s the lowdown for today? Thursday was a long day at work – more deadlines that needed meeting etc. I’ve also been thinking of the team meeting I have to chair on 6th October; whilst I have some materials and resources to potentially work with, I need the time to sew everything together, attempt a trial run and go with it on the day. Why I volunteered at the time is quite beyond me but only hindsight is ever 20-20.

Had a long walk after work – all around Vauxhall at first because the only thing I needed to do was pop up to FP for the weekly collection although I haven’t been there in three weeks and so there were a number of titles I needed to pick up. Had I the time, I’d have marched off to PC World to collect my machine but as the store closed at 8, just couldn’t manage it. Also called into Apple’s Covent Garden store in the hunt for some headphones and saw some real beauties but just couldn’t bring myself to pay the £150 for them, despite a two year warranty thrown in. Still, something needs to be done as the current pair are fading fast.

The house was all mine last night as everyone was out and the cats were…encouraged to play outside. Cooked a lousy meal rounded off with a beer and watched the usual television programmes, started a new game of Sid Meier’s epic and went to bed early reading Star Trek: The Buried Age. My second recent filthy epic has been published to squirt and is garnering a lot of attention already. Wish they’d just upgrade my membership as I must have fulfilled the relevant criteria.

And looking ahead, there shouldn’t be much happening next week other than pay day and the quiz which is something of a relief. Might go out with Brendan again for dinner though that’s tentative on him NOT going up to Aberdeen. Short update; nuff said.