From an email this morning:

I’ve been spending too much this month and we’re only half way through September. I think perhaps half my wages have gone and I can normally look forward to a small surplus if I manage things properly. It took me fifteen seconds to decide that yes, I was going to get myself the Star Wars Heptology on blu-ray last night and waved goodbye to £67. Actually, it was £72 as I bought a second hand Wii Game (again, it was brand new but unsold stock labelled as second-hand).

Haven’t broken them out of the packaging as yet because I wanted to watch regular TV last night rather than start a journey to a galaxy far, far away. But I did get a free t-shirt with my purchase; if I’d bought it online, I’d have gotten a free film-cell. Not that I’m especially bothered (I already have one from Attack of the Clones) but still…I dislike online shopping.

Something that’s given me a bit of amusement lately is a…sort of slash-fic piece I’ve written for Squirt which appears to have gone somewhat viral. I’ve received a great deal of interest in it and a lot of kudos – talk about going back in time, its sparked interest in my older stories also. Clearly I’ve missed my calling and should write more smut. However, I also feel that it’s unrefined and very coarse. Given enough time and proper editing, I could do much better.

As of today, the new Westfield in Stratford is open to all and sundry, for people to come and hand over more cash in exchange for junk that they don’t need, but closer. I still can’t help but feel an impending sense of doom and forecast it’s only a matter of time before there’s some sort of disaster. It’ll either be a massive transport block-up or the shopping centre acting as a magnet pulling street trash from all over the East End causing fights like the McDonalds on Oxford Street. I dare say the next fortnight will be full of questions such as “have you been” or “what’s it like”. There must be a stock stupid answer I can formulate other than “get off your fat arse and pay the fare for a Zone 3 journey”.

The downloaded soundtrack for Star Trek: Legacy is really growing on me, made the right decision to obtain a copy. As always, there are some hit sounds and some miss sounds but overall you could close your eyes and believe you were watching an episode of the show. If I win tonight’s Euromillions, I hereby make the vow of bringing Star Trek back to the small screen, whether it’s a TV movie or a full series I dunno but with potentially £138 million in the bank, I would have enough manoeuvre to pretty much do as I will. I’d also consider having Heir to the Empire made as an animated movie, not least so I could round up the original cast and have their voices used.

Is there anything else to report? Nope, not really but my mood has lifted a little since the weekend. Today’s been a sunny day although there hasn’t been much warmth, not with the wind blasting everywhere aiding or hindering movement. At what point does a regular summer end and a potential Indian Summer begin? But lunchtime walk was pleasant today and I managed to mostly keep my eyes on where I was going, not on the eyecandy on both sides of the street. I can’t help appraise in that manner, I’m a natural slut.

It’s also quiz night and I’ve got my laptop – was going to write my blog entry on it whilst waiting for other people to turn up but think I’ll play Civ IV a little as that Egypt game is gathering pace. It’s 1745, I’ve just discovered nuclear fission and am just about to deploy my first tank units. Whether or not I’ll attack the Japanese/Celtic alliance or not, I don’t know. It’s hardly worth my time, taking them both out but they’re both stuck in the Renaissance era and would crumble faster than a sandcastle facing a tsunami but I might well go for a domination victory rather than the usual cultural/Space Race I end up having. But will need a fleet of destroyers/landing craft for my army and to pick on an opponent on the western continent – Babylon, Zulu or Portugal?