I don’t know how I could best describe the weekend gone by but if I had to choose one word, it’d have to be “frustrating”. My ability to focus on even a single issue has noticeably diminished – most notably when trying to play video games. Then again, I did cream Ceajay on Mario Kart – he’s slipping! But I tried a few rounds of a certain Sid Meier game and couldn’t get beyond the Mediaeval Age without getting utterly bored and frustrated or at least until a new game as Ramesses was commenced (I picked a random player and that’s who the PC threw up).

Whilst out walking on Sunday heading towards Tesco, a curious notion stuck in my head – it’s as if it were 2002/3 all over again. Back then as I may have mentioned before, that was the year I went somewhat off the rails, feeling quite nihilistic, quite disenfranchised before I decided to take control and bring events back under control. Now there’s a similar set of feeling but 8/9 years have passed. And it’s said that lightning never strikes twice – whomever came up with that phrase was a moron.

As if to underscore the point, I went out for a couple of hours towards Mile End Park on Sunday evening. Found my first hook-up within two minutes of arriving. Had a second frolic, got stung by nettles, went home, drank Jasmine Green Tea and continued my Egypt game. But nothing much…happened during my al fresco foray other than 4th base. Oh, and I was…stood up twice by the same person or perhaps subjected twice to a timewaster would be a better descriptive phrase. That’s the last time I bother to give the benefit of the doubt, the next time I’m in a position, I’m going with the ‘full prejudice’ option.

I bought Starfox 3D for the 3DS on Saturday evening and here’s my capsule review.

There are three ways to get your mitts on a copy of Starfox 3D – buy the original Lylat Wars on the N64, buy the Virtual Console Release on the Wii or now get the 3D version. For the most part, very little has changed since the original was released in 1997 although naturally the graphics are much improved with some scenes in quite presentable 3D whilst the rest you struggle to notice differences.

What I liked the most about the re-release was the overall look of the product. It was highly polished and wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Gamecube. The soundtrack was also faithfully recreated. However, these seem smaller in comparison with the negative qualities of the game – the control system is harder to use, especially for button pushers like me on the penultimate level where rapid fire is of essence. Also the lack of vibration is a bit frustrating given as how the feedback used to add to the overall experience. And the voice acting is similar, but different. It feels like more of a clone than a remake (if that makes any sort of sense). Worth the £35 I paid for it? Not really. I will concede I haven’t tried the multiplayer as yet, nor the score attack mode and so I might change my opinion.

I also bought a bottle of Absolut Raspberry – £19. I still can’t find my jaw.