Ensuring that my quiz team turn up en masse to the Griffin on a Tuesday falls within the remit of what is defined as a perpetual struggle. Tonight it looks like it’s going to be just myself and Jack although there are other possibilities for people to turn around and show up (or not). I’m sometimes reminded of Mayor Borg in Tim Burton’s Batman “We are going to have a 200th Anniversary Festival if I have to drag people out onto the streets with a shotgun.”

Slept atrociously last night thanks to selfish neighbours, fighting cats and my general sense of insomnia. I woke up when my alarm went off but passed out immediately afterwards, waking up about an hour later. Not the best way to arrive at work and events seemed to conspire against me at Stratford Station and on the District Line. Why couldn’t London Transport done the honourable thing for once in its miserable existence and NOT STUNK? Preparations for Westfield Stratford are in earnest and the place seems busier than ever before. Whilst having a walk around on Sunday, I was surprised by the number of shops that were closing for good and reopening in Westfield which again gives rise to the question about what IS happening to the existing shopping centre in Stratford? A brief look at the website says it’ll carry on but unless they come up with some sort of niche, I fear it’ll be a short while before it dies.

Last night I was all set for the usual post-work walk when the heavens decided to open and the rain was fast and precipitous. I decided on the spur of the moment to go to the Stag and had a couple of Crabbies whilst sinking in a tenner into the quiz machine. Whilst the actual quiz games sucked, I won a lot on the Solitaire and the Bejewelled games (thank-you Zoo Keeper DS). But spent it on more games. It wasn’t the actual winning, it was keeping myself amused and for some stupid reason, ignoring the two cute people checking me out lasciviously. I know, I can be a real ditz, a putz sometimes.

In other news that’s relevant to me, Brendon is back in London so that might mean opportunities there though I wonder if I can convert him to Crabbies over real ale. And I had lunch with Andy yesterday in what seems to definitely be the last day of summer. Though I perhaps should have bought in something which wasn’t a microwave meal (the remnants of Sunday’s Stir Fry). Speaking of leftovers, I think that my chilli tastes better second time round as more of the water has been boiled from it so it’s hard core. Hmmm, and that’ll necessitate a shopping trip by the end of the week or early next week. It’s all money down the drain in the end.

In an email to Lee yesterday, he was telling me of his weekend and happened to mention the fact that John had to take his iPhone and his iPad to the Apple Store in Bluewater to be mended. In response, I did query the viavility and longetivity of Apple products, given as I’m on my fifth iPhone of the year and I’ve heard plenty of other broken Apple product stories. Not to mention the lousiness of the earphones. If it wasn’t for their excellent customer service in handling my issues, I’d be considering dropping them as my phone provider of choice. Other companies take note – you want to retain your customer base, sort out your customer service. It’s why I left Vodafone a few years ago.

Right, it’s 7.10, I’m hungry and might as well whack in my order for a Halloumi Platter.