That’s how it feels outside today which is about par for the course in August in the UK. I’d have a hard time believing it was summer were it not for the fact that my face and arms are still coloured from Brighton a fortnight ago. Still, I wasn’t planning on doing anything or going anywhere today, the only thing on the agenda is laundry, mopping the floor and other fun chores.

Last night was an XXL evening. The venue was quite packed out but full of the usual time wasters although there were a couple of interesting types. However, I’m grateful to have gotten out of the house again even though there’s dwindling resource to utilise – I only wish my debts were paid off sooner rather than later, then I’d have more cash. And there’s Jackie’s birthday, Thorpe Park and the dentist to contend with next week as well as the quiz. Grrr – though perhaps the good Doctor will be giving me back some cash today.

I don’t have much else to write about. Barry is off on holiday from Friday so there’s more cat-sitting to be done and the Wii Night is tomorrow. I received my Ocarina of Time CD in the post today…um…that’s it.