As always happens when I’m on leave, my correspondence handling abilities have gone to pieces. This is probably because the unstructured nature of the days give rise to “I’ll do it later” syndrome whereby later can be unspecified and thus unforthcoming. There are emails, messages and notes piling up although given the unopened mail pile, it’s hardly recent news. If I don’t read it, it doesn’t happen but the last decade wasn’t exactly conducive to good news.

I’m also sorry to report I lost much of my weekend to Civ IV although I won an amazing game as Frederick the Great of Germany with an unexpected Cultural victory. By the dawn of the 20th Century, I had managed to discover Stealth technology and won around 1914 just as I was about to crush the Aztecs and force Montezuma into becoming my vassal having just smashed Justinian of the Byzantines flat with my Panzer army. Still haven’t mastered properly the Star Trek mod although just won a Domination victory with Lore of the Borg which was totally unexpected. Despite conquering multiple systems and repelling numerous “barbarian” attacks, it took bloody ages to get a technology which would allow the third Generation of Borg Cubes and just as I was about to launch an attack on the Dominion, I get a message saying “Lore Wins A Domination Victory” – clearly I had enough people and territory despite me thinking that wasn’t the case. One for the books however.

So, my usual ramblings aside, in terms of what’s actually new to check in and report:

Saturday was a miserable day here in rainy Stratford with the weather going from bad to ugly – I’m not reporting anything about these Tottenham riots, most people know my views on the mob mentality and what’s really behind it. It doesn’t need a second airing. Anyway, I decided to pop down to Chariots II in Streatham as I thought there was another Bear evening being the first Saturday of the month. There were few “bears”, but the crowd was as was expected. I dunno if it was the ambient temperature or what but everything seemed a little too warm for general tolerance levels. There wasn’t much worth gawping at but the couple of people who were worth a second glance: one was too far up himself to warrant anything further and it was clear he thought everyone else was beneath his dignity (that’s fine, he was already fighting a losing battle with crow’s feet and hairlessness). And the other arrived about 15 minutes before I planned to go. Given the distance needed to travel, I didn’t fancy sticking around just in case.

Sunday was lost to more Civvin’ – I was supposed to get my 30 Wii games but someone got appallingly drunk from 10am and forgot.

Though I remember going to do something early Saturday afternoon…hmmm – oh yeah, that. I decided that after several weeks of hearing NOTHING, I’d pop down to my local PC World and try to determine the fate of my desktop PC after all, I’m still paying the freakin’ insurance on that damn thing. I get there loaded up with my large bag hoping to lug the thing away and what do you think I find out? That they’re still awaiting the part some 51 days after the data recovery. It’s a bloody good thing I bought this lovely laptop I’m currently bashing this blog post out on because I’d have gone totally Dagenham East had I not. Anyway, according to the worksheet I wasn’t supposed to see, they have a 42 day turn around period for the repair job. Now that they’re in breach, I can nail them but for what I don’t exactly know. I know I have the right to demand a voucher for a replacement PC (equivalent or whatever) but I dunno if I have any other rights under the insurance thing. Frankly, I’d rather have the replacement desktop as I’d get that lovely touchscreen PC. The moral of this story? Never believe people.

And today – I seem to have gotten into the habit of a 2am finish to my days and a 11am wake up routine. It’s nice to have something to look forward to… had my last English Muffin for breakfast (I have to stop buying those items even if they are obscenely cheap from Tesco) and tried another Trek Civ IV game in the morning before having lunch and going out to Galleon’s Reach Tesco as I wanted to track down that black zip-up number. And as I was about to leave, I saw my Clubcard vouchers on my mat which was fate telling me to get the Blu-Ray player which had been marked down in price.

After a walk around a completely new way over towards Plaistow Station (via West Ham Park), I get to Galleon’s Reach, buy what I came for but couldn’t find the black zip-up in any size smaller than XL (the Large fit just right when I tried it on in Swansea). Then I wanted to go to HMV but I noticed the store closing at 5pm despite the notice saying that they were open until 8pm. Still, everything was blacked out and naturally I assumed they had another of their frequent powercuts. Sauntered over to Game and eavesdropped a conversation that apparently a shedload of “youths” had turned up to the retail park and were causing trouble. I noticed a gaggle of security armed with radios running across the carparks and as always in these situations, my first instinct was to roll my eyes. Bought 3 Wii games (I’m not waiting on Barry) and treated myself to a Costa Coffee next door whilst playing more Zelda.

Ugh – waited almost 40 minutes for a 262 back home – could have gotten any other bus to the DLR stop and tried to get home from there but thought I’d chance it, rather stupidly. And there were not one, not two, not three but four screaming babies and toddlers on the bus. Roseanne’s words were thundering in my ears “This is why some animals eat their young”. Got home, unpacked the Blu-Ray player when I found out that (as half expected), there was no sodding HDMI cable with it so refused to hook it up until I could go and get myself one. Alas as I prepared to step out a second time, down came the rain so cooked dinner instead before playing a certain game by Sid Meier (It’s pathetic, you can say it). That ended about 30 minutes ago and I’ve been trying to catch up with emails/messages and thought I’d slot this in now before the emotional exhaustion of the backlog kills me.

Oh, definitely going to have and host a Wii night on the 19th which means I need to get in the Pizza, chips and other such crap. Though I’m toying with the idea of a home-made lasagne but that’s kinda…inappropriate. Still, will have more than enough games but not enough Wiimotes unless I get that Wii Motion pack with the free red controller.

Right, that’s well over 1000 words, enuff!