After being woken up to the strains of Cher’s “Shoop Shoop Song” coming from across the road somewhere, I cursed once again the fact that I live with some pretty selfish people in the neighbourhood and dragged myself out of bed to a bright, sunny morning here in ugly old Stratford. Today is the last day that the bus station in its current state is open for business. This is something I hadn’t heard about until Friday evening when I was on my way home and saw people handing out flyers for. As it’s not a policy of mine to accept flyers or newspapers in any way, shape or form, I ignored them all until I saw a discarded one on the bus and cursed Boris Johnson to high heaven.

It wasn’t until I was on my way home from “out” that I realised that it might not be such a bad thing, this proposed refurbishment. I’ve bitched many times that the bus station is a major disaster waiting to happen because of the lack of a regulated queue system and the fact that cars and buses pull in and out of the bays at lunatic speeds. With a little luck, some sort of proper queuing system will be installed. Without being able to see the plans, I suspect the renovation works will be more of a cosmetic facelift in time for the sodding Olympics, a bit of worthless, pointless beautification. Hell, even a Countdown board would be a welcome improvement. But as we’re not Zones 1 or 2, we’re not important despite being one of the most important transport nexuses in all of London. Stupid politics.

So yes, I was out today. Had lunch a little later than I intended which perhaps jogged my entire schedule thanks to gawping at the TV and once again committing my time to bloody Civilization IV. Had I eaten earlier or realised the time, the plan would have been to do what I did last weekend and go to Soho and perhaps the Griffin. But as it quickly came around to 3pm, I realised that I wouldn’t be able to get a decent seat in Costa (i.e. the one with the plug socket). So I packed up my laptop and then realised that no, I didn’t want to take it with me. Nor did I want to take my 3DS which is the companion of the man who doesn’t feel like talking to random strangers. I did have a notion to go north to Hampstead but about five minutes walking away from the door and I rejected that idea as all I had on me was my phone and my wallet – you have to pack a few supplies for Hampstead. Finally, I just decided to go for a walk.

When I reached Stratford Broadway, my legs carried on going, to Bow, to Mile End and then I decided to walk all the way to the West End. I thought about going the 13.8km to Vauxhall (at least GPS says my house to the Griffin is 13.8km but the route I’d have taken would have been quite varied. 3 hours later I’m at Oxford Circus (via Forbidden Planet) and I jump on a tube and come straight back home. Although I considered coffee, beer or an early dinner, I reasoned I have a fridge full of food and it’d be more cost effective to munch my way through that rather than spend £15 or so on a cheap dinner out.

But the walk felt great and unlike the last time I walked such a distance which was in March last year when I walked from home to work on a day off, there were no foot blisters and no soreness of the feet. I made excellent time in direct sun for the most part and the streets were pretty empty, especially in the City. Wandering along Fenchurch Road, I think I saw only four people, a tourist party of girls (and what the fuck is it with women walking down the street? You walk one side of a 3 metre pavement, they walk the other side and as you move to pass, they drift right into your path!)

3 hours walking is about 900 calories – pretty much my breakfast and lunch all burned off. And for dinner I had some ratatouille and a handful of Tortilla Chips. With a Crunchie for dessert in lieu of the cake I didn’t have at Costa/Nero. Was completely dehydrated however and drank 1 bottle of Pepsi, 2 cans of Coke Zero, one large decaff coffee and one ginseng tea and still feel thirsty. Either that or I’m diabetic, there’s been a suspicion of hypoglycaemia for some time.

I did fire up Zelda: Twilight Princess one last time and started a new game as I’m determined to finish at least one of the wretched Zelda games. My progress on the 3DS version has completely slowed down and with all the to-ing and fro-ing, it’s getting right on my wick. Give me Banjo Kazooie any day. Granted, it isn’t an RPG game but there’s a little bit more control over that game.