With less than 24 hours notice, I found myself in Doncaster on Thursday.  I can’t say why but I’m pleased that I went and it was a chance to have a look around another of England’s cities albeit for the two hours I had spare.  In that time I checked out the shopping centre right by the station which was fairly deserted, despite the fact that it perhaps should have been full of kids gawping round and irritating other people.  The only thing I really noticed about the centre that was different were the disproportionate number of males with neck tattoos – another irritation of mine these days.  There seems to be a heavy bias of Debenhams stores in some of the shopping centres I’ve been visiting in the last couple of years and I’m convinced this wasn’t always the case.  Still, there were more than a few independent clothes shops which was heartening; it wasn’t all generic high street brands although men’s fashions in Doncaster consisted entirely of lumberjack fare.  I’m hardly a coreur de bois.

The train up north wasn’t too bad, comfortable, clean although the buffet car took a pathetic 30 minutes to get served.  I wish we could have gone First Class (and I bet we could have given the complete lack of notice as a First Class ticket probably would have been roughly the same price as our standard class ticket) as ECML doesn’t half run a decent premier service (he said authoritatively).  The train back was predictably vile; having the Swansea and Theale recent experiences as a comparator, predictably there was some jerk in my seat but that didn’t put me off snatching an unclaimed table seat although I had to listen to the usual parade of jerks hollering meaningless shit into their Blackberries.  Thankfully Civilization IV once again justified its price tag and I have to thank the writer of the Trek Mod as I played yet another game, this time as the Borg.

After all the depravity and lusciousness of last week, I was looking forward to a lie in this morning but alas it was not to bed.  Friday was Wii night and Martin hosted it for the first time.  There were eight of us total although there was a disproportionate amount of time spent on Rock Band on the XBox which I developed an allergic reaction to.  Still, it was nice to get out and about and go somewhere new.  Main problem of course was the whole getting home saga.  Matt had to help an extremely intoxicated Alex home which led to some mouthy abuse from one of the natives who screeched Batty Boys from across the street.  I nearly lost my temper but chalked it up to being tired and realised that she was merely a skank who wore her skirt far too short and looked like a Picasso first sketch.

And on the nightbus home, again tempers were frayed as some Essex trash sat opposite me on the upper deck.  One woman, two guys and one of the guys, in order to put me off my 3DS playing grabbed the girl by the neck and pointed her head at my crotch – it wasn’t a malicious thing, just a playful drunk thing but I didn’t see the funny side of things but fortunately kept a civil tongue.  I even returned the £5 to them which I found on the seat having dropped out of one of their pockets.  I know, I was young once, now I’m just embittered.

Today was the usual round of domestics and I threw in a shopping trip up to Tesco for good measure as I wanted some cleanables and some cheese but saw they were having a special on Quorn so loaded up on those.  Plus I power-walked all the way up the road and made it there in record time.  My rivalry with the self-service machines continued unabated as the wretched thing was playing up for the second day in a row.  Buying pre-packaged courgettes is simple enough but when the courgettes are heavier than normal, of course it’s going to confuse the sensors but you’d think they’d compensate for that…nooooooo.  Not quite the same problem as in Tesco Vauxhall on Friday but almost resulted in fist through the monitor.  Perhaps instead of impulse sweets at the counters, there should be impulse blood pressure medicine.  I don’t understand the psychology as these stores spend millions on tricks to try and entice you in to spend and yet the most crucial part of the transactional experience – the handing over of money is getting worse and worse.  It’s not exactly making you want to go back.

Barry said to me “it’s a shame that Amy Winehouse has died”.  I hadn’t even heard but it failed to make an emotional impact.  I’ll save my tears for the genuine cases; another dead junkie isn’t worth wasting time or effort on.

But I’m not going to end this post on a miserable note , I’m going to find something happy to write about.  Um…erm…think I found the blu-ray player I want to buy.  Nope, that’s shit news.  Oh – barring a disaster, I’ve managed to hit my target in terms of savings!  Yay.