We call it Wednesday, the Germans call it Mittwoch, literally mid-week.  And I’m pleased to say that in complete juxtaposition to my Spartan weekend, the past two days have been positively Saturnalian (not Bacchanalian).  Much liquor has passed these lips (and into the urinal) over the last two days.  If I actually gave a sh1t over things like “units”, I’d have already breached my limit.  And if I were famous and said something like that, no doubt some health fascist would be squealing that I was setting a bad example.  Fookin’ band-wagon jumpers, can’t stand ‘em.

So Monday was an average day at work although I was yawning throughout most of the day because I didn’t go to bed until the stupid hours of the morning – it’s entirely the fault of Civ IV – and overslept.  A complete Central Line collapse thanks to some 300 tonne clapped out piece of rubbish did little to alleviate my mood or facilitate my journey and so I was later than normal.  Even Mario Picross couldn’t hold my attention for too long and I had to give up solving puzzles to divert the micro-joules of energy to propping my eyelids open.  I tried one of those Innocent Mexican chilli pots for lunch – not bad although I would rather have had the sauce a little thicker.  It might have been microwave cookery that made it thin and watery, on the other hand it might have been a couple of day’s freezer time.

Because of Thursday’s extra 90 minutes at work, I was able to duck out early to meet Xian but once again his time-keeping was positively Hindu (thanks Haresh for that) and I needn’t have bothered although wasn’t impressed when the heavens opened around 4.45pm.  Started off with a couple of Frank’s in the Duke of Wellington – was cruised by some non-descript guy but he lost interest when I whipped out my 3DS (it really can be an erection killer).  I persuaded him to go to Be @ One for a Boston Tea Party cocktail during happy hour and we had a couple of Tom Collins after that like the butch things we are.  Then on a whim, I suggested we go to a Vietnamese restaurant which wasn’t half bad.  I really enjoyed my mains and the noodles.  The Spring Rolls weren’t that tasty though.  Vietnamese beer was passable, quite heavy and thick and ideal with our food.  And it was on to Costa for afterwards.  I spent most of the evening moaning, it was that sort of evening but it must have worked because I felt better on Tuesday.  And we’ve tentatively agreed to a Games Night in August, probably before they move out.

Got home around the 10pm mark, enough time to have a coke, watch Bad Girls and I think I had a bath (never mind drinking a pint of water to avoid a hangover, having a hot bath is just as effective) and went to bed.  Wasn’t impressed to find that in the morning, one of the bloody cats had knocked a plant pot off one of the outdoor shelves and smashed it but I got the guilty party back.  Cow.

Just like last Tuesday, I was counting down the hours to the quiz not least because of the nervous anticipation regarding the one year anniversary of Yoshi’s Island, our team.  I was able to use this information to coerce the team into coming along en masse which they did and thanks to a full house, we won the quiz for the fourth time in six weeks beating Team Science into third place so have extended our run at the top of the score latter.  Fortunately there weren’t too many grumblers because of all the cake we doled out as part of our anniversary celebrations.

However, to go back chronologically, I did crash Alan, Ray and Nozza’s retirement do’s.  We used the last of the kitty club money for hard liquor so it didn’t cost me a penny and I’m pleased to note (and plug) that the Barley Mow is the only London Pub (that I’ve discovered thus far) to serve Elderflower Koppaberg.  And the Griffin had Summer Fruits Koppaberg so I was able to consume different flavours to the normal pear/Mixed Berry combo I like.  And I caught up with a few old faces before I had to dash off out.

So together with the Asahi beers, we won two spot prizes through random guesswork and a great deal of luck – as Ceejay put it, lesbian tea (really fancy Twinings) and some playing cards, the former I’ll drink because I snagged the ginseng and the latter will decorate my shelves.  And good times were had by all.  Possibly.  Until I insulted some random people who stormed out the pub.  Admittedly to cheers…what I said hit the right notes.

Today I was in a stupidly good mood from last night.  Long may it continue.