There’s been quite a buzz today in the office and outside – inside because my old team are moving floors and there’s been a flurry of activity as files are hastily shoved into boxes or despatched to archives (I’d advocated a massive approach sorting outstanding record keeping issues months ago but once again I was ignored). And there’s been a last minute push to get a critical piece of work finished. But “outside” the office, I’ve had a tremendous amount of energy today, not least because for the first time in about three weeks, I’d managed eight hours sleep and hadn’t slumped about for half the day wondering how much caffeine I’d need to keep eyelids somewhere above the pupils.

Had a longer walk at lunchtime listening to favourites old and new whilst wondering where this rain was supposed to be that the BBC and Yahoo Weather were advocating would hit London and remain firmly in place until early next week. It was almost blue skies and is kinda like that now. What’s the point in spending hundreds of millions of pounds on climactic super-computers when they so often get it utterly, utterly wrong? Give me the cash and I’ll just stick a pin in a chart of weather-type pictures, probably about the same sort of accuracy.

Downloaded Mario Picross today – was surprised to see it in the VC line up this week because I couldn’t find any release dates other than the Video Channel but snapped it up when it popped up. I loved the DS Picross and Picross 3D so naturally had to get a hold of the original. Love it – too bad I don’t get Star Catalogue points but I can’t have it all. If you don’t know what Picross is, it’s a Nonogram puzzle where you have a grid and must shade in certain parts of it according to a series of numbers around the grid which indicate how many squares on that row/column should be filled in. I spent an obscene amount of time on the DS versions and I dare say I’ll be buying the games back when the price of DS games drops as 3DS permeate the handheld market. And there’s eBay, of course.

No plans for the weekend again but after the week I’ve had and a busy week coming up, I’ll be glad of the respite. And as today passes into tomorrow, so too do I have two weeks remaining until holiday time. Lee might pop round on Sunday – dunno as yet.