Payday has come and gone, civil service strike day ditto and so has my beard. Nah, not really. But I did have a close encounter of the hirsute kind last night as I got annoyed with all the stray chin hairs and decided to give it a good scalping before allowing it to grow back.

Post trimmage

I’ve really made up for the lack of walking opportunities in Swansea with two two-hour walks after together with a couple of longer lunchtime meanderings. Feels good to have gotten back into the stride having burned off about 900 calories a day. Hyde Park is really in full blossom with the obvious exception of the stupid festival thing in the middle where the music just permeates through to Knightsbridge down south and Oxford Street to the North. Not to mention all the touts trying to get your attention when you’re doing your best to ignore them.

Still feeling smug and content over what happened Wednesday evening. It’s like that moment in Roseanne when Dan gets up in the morning whistling the 20th Century Fox fanfare after a good romp. Sometimes it can be hard to forge a connection based on compatibility but when it occurs, enjoy it for the moment may not return for ages. I did venture out to Tesco on Thursday evening as I had the sudden urge to restock the fridge, freezer and cupboards. Of course when you go shopping at 10pm, you can’t expect everything to be as it should be – half the aisles have packing trolleys parked in them where the next day’s worth of groceries will be crammed onto shelves and a lot of the fresh produce will be already bought for the day. But what I wasn’t expecting was a complete failure in customer service – all the main checkouts were closed and the only ones open were the basket checkouts and the self-service. When I tried to ascertain the situation, the assistance from the staff was less than I’d hoped and yes, that is a very, very polite way of putting it. So I wrote them a snottogram yesterday, seeing if their pledge to open a checkout if there was someone in front of you was still in effect. And if so, I’m going to write an even snottier letter to the bastards – given as I drop over £1500 in their stores every year, I think they can kiss my ass a little.

Resident Evil Mercenaries is now my 6th 3DS title – mercifully I had enough reward card points to get a substantive discount off of it. It’s not a bad little title although the aiming is a little finicky – I don’t know whether up is down, down is up and every time I change it, I wonder if I’ve made the right decision. Eventually I’ll strike the balance but until then, it’s a case of battling through. I can see it being of limited appeal and short playage but then how many games these days keep you coming back time and time again, particularly when you’ve completed them?

This Netgear router is really beginning to get on my tits also – the number of times the wi-fi keeps cutting out because of what? Interference? Useless design flaws? The livebox (at least in its early days) was never this bad. I’ll be glad to have my desktop returned but I think I might have to source another router from somewhere, perhaps an overpriced one from PC World (I really should press them for some sort of loyalty card scheme the amount of cash I seem to be spending in there. Still, there’s always the 3 Dongle to play around with if push comes to shove.

I’ve been asked to write a piece for Liam’s blog – I might do that later which will be based on the six-week period in August 2000. You know, back when I was actually thin.

Right, I’m gonna sign off there. I was going to write about why I hate pride today but the Sky TV guy is coming round in 5/10 mins and I still have lunch to cook. But I will say I chose the title of Olives because the one thing Tesco were not short of on Thursday were deli olives so I bought two tubs full – one of Spanish and the other were the garlic stuffed ones. Let a vampire try and fang me to death – they’ll be in for a vicious surprise.