Friday evening I cut short my normal walk and went straight home.  I was waiting to meet up with the husband to get back my £50.  Three guesses what happened?  Yep, he was a no-show AND ignored texts and phone calls.  Vintage Bester – if there’s a problem, go to ground and remain uncontactable.

But what did happen on Friday was that I was somebody’s bit on the side – guy from Eurowoof who I put off earlier in the evening because I wasn’t available but said “if you’re still up for it, come around” as he lives 10 minutes away.  So that was nice, maybe a repeat possibility; a scouser cub!

Because I didn’t get the cash, I wasn’t able to get the garden supplies like I wanted so Saturday was spent at home doing a little cleaning although it’s somewhat futile what with the bozos still treating the house like it’s their own municipal dump.  My lounge is full of boxes (I’m still waiting to be asked) but on the plus side, it’s making it very easy for me to refuse to return their deposit when they finally do go.  Before I was feeling strands of guilt but now – just loathing.

I did go to Push the Button at the Griffin but I was expecting a 90s Eurovision night, not the actual stinking contest itself.  Talk about a disappointment.  In order to pay for it, I remembered that I have five months worth of small change in two piggy banks. Having raided them and cashed up at a Coinstar machine, I had £42 which isn’t bad and I only spent £3.75 on Saturday evening – a real bonus.  But I spent £11 at Tesco yesterday – half of that on a huge multipack of Andrex.  However, it’s a little breathing room for the remaining fortnight this month.

Sunday was the proverbial day of rest.  I did very little other than play a couple of games, watched some Simpsons and cooked enough vegetarian chilli for four days worth of meals.  I had the whole house to myself until about 4pm, again quite nice as I began hollering at the Wii whilst playing Bully.  Attention span is really down because of stress.

I mailed about 40/50 people yesterday over the spare room.  I have one fish on the line at the moment (confirmed) whilst five others have nibbled but I think they’re going to push it because they have indicated the amount they can pay is below how much I’m willing to charge; and I’m all bills inclusive.

Tried to watch Nixon on Saturday – at three hours, Oliver Stone is really pushing one’s patience.