I download lots of things from Kwed and Overclocked as my number one genre of music is remixes (often trance but sometimes house/techno) of video games, particularly reinterpretations of C64 and Amiga classics.  More often than not, the download is based on the original game, then the composer and finally the ratings the remix is received.  But I have ended up with a lot of stuff I only listen to if I can’t be bothered to shuffle through the ever-growing playlists.  I made a new Trance playlist based on these downloads (although it’s not a strictly that genre, but music that has the same sort of emotional affect) and plucked a couple of more obscure ones from the lists and bunged them into there.  Now I can’t seem to get enough of Traxer’s Shadow of the Beast (Hymn).  I’m listening to it as much as Phoenix Wright’s Trance Turnabout and Flawless’ Batman the Caped Crusader.
In other news – this week has sucked with a capital suck.  Being back at work has stirred up nothing but negativity given everything that’s happening there.  I doubt it’s in the same league but from March 1939 when Germany occupied Bohemia-Moravia to the invasion of Poland – one can’t help but feel "just get it over with" to both.  Somewhat foolishly, I can’t help but make plans for the future based on the current situation.  I was sizing up the potential deposit I could put down within a year, fiver years and ten years for a house.  If I reclaim all outstanding monies from Dr Bester and save wisely, I could have up to £40,000 within five years which’d be enough for a big, fat deposit.  And if I were to be made redundant, then I could count on an amount up to (based on recent figures) £20,000, perhaps more.  But then I’d need to seek another job pdq before I ate into such a payment.
There has been one bright spot, we are getting a pay rise – it’s worth £1200 for me – £700 salary increase and £515 performance related pay (although the disclaimer was "don’t count on it next year, or ever again") for PRP.  Again, if I can hang onto that £500 between now and the shit hitting the fan, things should work out ok. 
I’ve also been able to do a fair amount of writing this week.  Mostly the Star Wars thing I’ve been tooling around with but wrote a letter to Bleakley (why does nobody else do snail mail any more, it’s so…liberating) and a couple of other bits and pieces, odds and sods.
Well, its now 1pm and my bedding is all washed. njoi