It has been quite some time since the large Westfield complex in Shepherd’s Bush opened and I finally went to see what the fuss was all about today.  Perhaps I am too divorced from the mainstream to have appreciated it fully but I didn’t have an especially enjoyable "retail experience".  I did like the fact that there were plenty of retail units let to non-High Street stores and interspersed throughout the centre unlike in say Broadmarsh where all the good stuff was at the front of the centre whilst the independents were shoved to the back.  The ambient light levels were nice as was the general temperature and I thought the "break-out" spaces were nicely kept. 
And here comes the but:
There was absolutely no life.  The complex was devoid of life; total stagnation.  To coin a phrase from Beetlejuice, it was a giant ant-farm.  There was no organic flow, nothing to encourage shoppers to part with their cash.  I also thought that the centre either attracted and/or encouraged the ignorantly minded as there were more than the normal share of morons who behaved selfishly.  Sufficed to say, if this is the typical atmosphere of a Westfield, it’s all the more reason not to go to the one in Stratford when its finally built.  There’s something about shopping centres which makes me love them or despise them with no in-between feelings.  Guess which category this falls into.
But I did get to the Apple Store and bought myself a case and an extra charger for the iPhone; metallic blue but it smudges really easily.
Also treated myself to lunch at Ultimate Burger on New Oxford Street before coming home.  Bit disappointed really, I was prepared to squander a load of cash if I found something/anything worth buying but couldn’t even bring myself to buy 5 more silver filing boxes from Ryman.