In the second Joel Schumacher Batman film "Batman and Robin", one of the truisms spouted by Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze is that if there’s only one truth in the universe, it’s that everything freezes.  And I suppose at the end of the universe (if one believes in the heat death theory) everything will freeze unless there’s massive intervention on the part of whatever life forms still exist at the end of creation.  It’s a morbid note to end the day on but after going out last night to Chariots Limehouse, I was stuck by this maxim and everything it stands for.  One of the better nights I had out in London when I relocated back here was an evening at Sailor’s Sauna when Nassim and myself spent half the evening there enjoying many a steam bath and watching the all night movie marathon. 
Saturday was but a pale imitation of what that place used to be.  First of all, the venue had no more than thirty people – two-thirds of who were desperadoes who weren’t going to chance/bother with nightclubs that evening.  The other third were just…odd.  I choose not to have fallen in either category as I’ve been to enough saunas in my time to enjoy the facilities, even more so than the promise of meeting other people and hooking up with them.  I was not disturbed in the jacuzzi, not in the steam room nor in the sauna – everyone else was too busy in the locker rooms and from the frantic looks and nervous pacing that I could observe, things weren’t going too well.
That’s not to say I had a bad time there but it just wasn’t as good as it used to be.  I’ve noticed that overall numbers are falling away from what they used to be and in other venues as well; perhaps the bathhouse is on its way out or the time is ripe for a Renaissance.
So, I then decided to walk home via Mile End Park.  Again, time was that there’d be plenty of people wandering around after dark but I guess that was before they shut down what was the Black Horse in Stepney.  The Park was deserted aside from a few drugged-up teenagers in the pseudo adventure playground.  And the place was littered with empty cigarette packets and beer bottles.  Another piece of the past well and truly consigned to the ash-can of history.  There were two amusing highlights on the way home – two sets of queens who were all over each other in the street until they saw me coming and quickly separated for fear of being bashed.  I almost told them to carry on but there was a perverse kick to be had playing the power game.
Tomorrow I’m probably going to get into trouble over this whole office move thing.  I’d say I cared, but I don’t.