It has been, for all intents and purposes, a good day today.  Normally there is a tiny flaw with even a great day that can just be picked and gnawed at or a mock argument in the brain to bring everything down.  That hasn’t happened today and it’s been highly pleasing on reflection.
The day began at 9.45 when I was woken up by whatever was going on outside.  Typically I’d resent this intrusion into my private life as the weekend really is the only time I have to catch up with sleep being so fickle during the week.  But as I’d had 13 hours the day before, my body didn’t seem to mind the 6 hours unconsciousness it received.  So I got up, made my room presentable again, had coffee and crumpets and finished off the game of Civilization IV that I’d been playing the evening before.  I won a space victory with Ashoka & India although it felt somewhat disappointing as I just couldn’t be arsed to invade Babylon or the Byzantine Empire.  Still, it was way more pleasing to get the game out of the way so I’d be free to commence another one.
After my game I changed the songs on my MP3 player (I didn’t fancy taking out my DSi XL) and made my way to the West End, the mission being A4 binders from Rymans.  Forbidden Planet yielded some treasures including a Star Wars book all about the comics knocked down to £5 from £20.  And as I was in a good mood after that find and the others, I then bought 10 binders instead of 5.  Came home, filed all the outstanding comics and replaced the crappy ugly folders stolen from work (well they weren’t being used and were only going be incinerated with the rest of the SRA’s papers) and admired my handiwork on the new bookshelves which I finally got round to putting up on Friday.  I still need another 7 (by my estimation but could be higher) but I have the sense that things are finally coming together.
I had to go to Tesco to buy some stamps and more crumpets and made a killing in the knock-down prices section where I saved probably £10 on stickered priced items thanks to the Bank Holiday.  Wii Fit Plus yielded some good results after a disappointing week so I cooked a good dinner of Quorn pie, mash and mixed veg, I went to XXL, won a ticket to Fusion, came home at 3 as I’d done what I wanted to do and felt the urge to write everything up.  That isn’t what I call a perfect day by any means but it was definitely a good day.  True, everything went my way and I didn’t really have much to share with anyone else which is kinda selfish but I think I’m entitled to that.  I’ve given a lot of myself in this CSRA project amongst other activities so it’s time for some me time.