It’s a funny thing, luck.  Sometimes you think you have it, sometimes you think you don’t and old Obi-Wan doesn’t believe in it.  But real or imagined, luck is a concept with which we’re all familiar and we do out best to increase our share of the good stuff and avoid the bad.  Yesterday the Wii said it was going to be a really unlucky day but today was going to be the second highest rated lucky day I’ve seen so far (at least using the Today/Tomorrow Channel).  And then looking at tomorrow’s luck, its even higher.
Following the transport shenanigans at Liverpool Street, not helped by whatever it was I ate yesterday, I was convinced that the predictions were right.  The lounge door to the kitchen is now stuck fast and won’t open, the Tube services at the weekend just suck, I choked myself in my sleep yet again (I don’t know why I have the urge to sleep with my forearms so close to my throat).  But after midnight, luck totally began to change – although I didn’t use the Wii until this afternoon.  XXL was busy and I ran into a bunch of people I know who I haven’t seen in a while.  The trains were nice and smooth, I got the final table at McDonalds before the rush, there was a bus waiting for me at the station and even Civilization IV was being generous in my favour.
I know, it’s all a matter of perception and how you take things but I’m happy to go with the flow.  It’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow has in store.  If I get up early enough, I might go to work and do what needs to be done taking in a nice lunch with…someone.  I’ll find someone.
C’est tout.