Today I read in the news that some think tank has recommended the working week be cut to 21 hours.  I assume their research was conducted by a bunch of graduates with more letters after their name rather than any real iota of common sense.  How stupid can you possibly get? Where do these people get their ridiculous ideas from?  I blame the explosion of pointless degrees in "nothing" subjects.  Of the many, many, many things I’d do if I were in power, ordering universities to terminate pissy-weak programmes would be somewhere near the top of the list.  There will be no "American Studies", no "Peace Studies" or any bollocks like that.  Instead, higher education would offer courses in practical matters which are of relevance and worth to society and humankind as a whole.
And I see them at work, the fresh-faced graduates, often new entrants into the fast stream with stupid ideas and don’t know one thing about the world outside the bubble in which they’ve been raised.  No wonder most of my colleagues spend their time taking the piss – it’s too easy.  My educational approach was more of the classical liberal theory – I learned about what I wanted to learn and kinda like a wikipedia crawl, I’d go from related topic to related topic, slowly broadening my academic knowledge.  With regard practical matters like opening a bank account, the basics of washing machine repair and how to clean mildew off of tiles, I ensured I had a basic grounding in as much as possible.  I paid devout attention as other people completed jobs so I could do them for myself – like installing a second hard drive on the PC, changing the fittings on a light or ironing something made of silk.  That’s an education.