In capsule review, Monday and Tuesday this week were just ghastly.  I barely slept both nights and when it came to dragging my sorry carcass into work, well it was pitiful.  Wednesday was better although I was feeling somewhat, rebellious.  Y’see, it was an evening out with Xian & Daniel and following Monday’s fuck-ups (and yes, I use the plural), I wasn’t in the mood to play nice.  I’d also had lunch at the Loose Box which has taken the place of the Puzzle underneath our building.  Nice place but I’m not entirely convinced it’ll have staying power.  Still, it is offering something different and might well put a few nails into the coffin that is the Westminster. 
Anyway, following a not-quite good Wednesday – the Shared Services arseholes have been on to me yet again about an outstanding season ticket balance, from four years ago (don’t trust DfT with bureaucracy, the demroids are in charge of the asylum) – and FCMS is somewhat out of control.  But there was one bright spot, the LGBT History Month Magazine proofs came back from the printers and it has definitely been sexified from the shitty Word document I’d originally put together.  So, back to going out.  I didn’t leave work until 5.45pm (we were supposed to be meeting at 6 in Soho and barring a cab ride, there’s no way I’d have gotten there on time) and although I was not in a hurry to arrive punctually, I did power-walk my way into the West End and actually made it into Comptons by 6.10 which surprised me as I wanted to get some exercise in that day.
In something of a "hot" mood, Xian didn’t have the good grace to show up for an hour and a quarter to which he was severely berated so I chinwagged with Daniel over the demise of his relationship and how I was going to kill him if he didn’t stop looking for news about the iPad.  After an age, we made our way to Belgo’s where I had a great time, Xian had a great time but Daniel definitely didn’t.  Then again, I got pissed on the apple & chocolate beer plus all the free Schnapps shots I received after my order was fucked up (great pie by the way) and spent over £100 in the venue.  I don’t think they brought my Honey Beer over either which I was somewhat anxious to try.  Well, I fancied getting trashed once I sat down.  We were forced to share a table with a couple who can only be described as "just released from university".  They just reeked of students but weren’t exactly skimping on the menu choices so must have been in full time employment.  The woman was a figure of freakdom – she had the dress sense of Carol Thatcher and reminded me so much of Flossie from Private Office, even down to the mosquito-bite boobs.  And he was kinda good looking until I saw the orange underwear sticking up from his trousers and wrote him off as a dork.
After leaving the restaurant some point post 9pm, we sauntered past the Box on Monmouth Street saw a delicious looking barman and almost went inside but nobody actually felt like drinking.  So we parted company and made our way home.  I got in at 10, played a quick round of Age of Empires 3 before going to bed at 10.45 which is something of a record, especially lately.  Passed out immediately but kept waking up because of the wretched foxes baying in the street again.  Now I like foxes, they attack the local cats and I’ve noticed the number of felines has been declining lately….heh heh heh.  But really guys, please give me a break.
So Thursday, I wasn’t hungover despite totally mixing my drinks and imbibing a lot and even made it in early that day (by two minutes but it counts).  Had a crappy meeting in the morning, RSD Quarterly bollocks in the afternoon (what a fucking waste of my life that was but managed to deter anyone from sitting next to me.  There was a post quarterly drink in the Old Monk on Strutton Ground and I was briefly tempted into going as the senior managers were putting their hands into their pockets.  But then I decided that I might not get chance to slip away this early without someone noticing so decided to go home instead following a speed-walk through St James’ Park and Green Park.  And I’m very pleased that I did.  I was able to watch some TV, cooked a proper dinner, had a bath, played Age of Empires before going to bed at 11.50 and sleeping for 9½ hours.  I can’t say that coming into work late this morning made me too sad, especially as the office was empty.
And today after work I had a very long walk and felt really good after it so went to Tesco and bought Resident Evil 0 for the Wii (I know I have it on Gamecube but fuck it.  And Wii Fit Plus likes me today – I’m at the lowest weight yet.  My target is just after my birthday but it’d be great to get there by February 27th.  If I increase the exercise quotient every day, I think I can get there providing eating remains somewhat under control.
I haven’t been able to locate a Punch Bowl or Wassail Bowl.  I tried all the Department Stores on Oxford Street (apart from House of Fraser because they’re shite) and they had bowls of all descriptions but not proper Punch/Wassil bowls with the little glass ladles.  There was a kinda nice Alabaster bowl with matching glasses which were £15 and £3 respectively and I might use that but I’m going to try for a proper one.  And I was tempted into wasting cash on the cake stands in Selfridges (I know, I know…) but resisted.  But perhaps I should have bought the baby courgettes in John Lewis because they make such good eating!
Well, that was certainly a mouthful today.  Feeling good/confident now it’s the weekend.  I don’t know how long the mood will last but I hope at least until Sunday, that’ll do me nicely.