I bought the Independent today (side note – I’ve bought more newspapers this week owing to lack of reading material at work than I have during all of 2009) and in it they have this article which tries to predict what life will be like in 2020.   I don’t know where they dig these commentators up from but they seem decidedly of the Mystic Mogg persuasion, being this side of utterly wrong.  All this crap about the "austerity decade" is going to be utter bollocks.  For one, the rich classes of China and India are going to spend their cash like drunken sailors in port which means all the more for the rest of us.  Then their economies are going to take a hit so they’ll consider outsourcing work to Europe. 
In 150 minutes or so, I will enter my fifth decade – 70s thru 10s.  Barring the worst possible scenarios re the Mayan Calendar possibilities, this will either be the decade that makes or breaks I think.  If I don’t achieve or at least have life’s goals firmly in sights by 2019, I’m fucked.  What are life’s goals?  Financial freedom, power, influence and a BMI index of 27.
I think the spirit of Xmas is truly dead; I went to HMV as its pay day today and resisted everything.  I went to Curry’s and resisted everything.  Selfridges and John Lewis were missed as the crowds on Oxford Street were really beginning to annoy me and I seemed to be perpetually stuck behind the slowest moving people on the face of the planet.  Every time I felt like surging through and slamming past people, a gap would open up – psychic influence or fortuity I don’t know but it saved me a tonne of arguments.  And I really wanted those Wii Nunchucks too.
What have been the highlights of 2009:
Saying "good riddance" to Moanie
Saying "good riddance" to Waste of Space Robinson
Some awesome downloads from Kwed and Overclocked (thanks guys)
Red Alert 3
My new TV
My month off wasn’t all that bad
Re-establishing contact with Lizard Boy
Missing out on Nottingham for yet another year
Sorting out HSBC once and for all
Not having a major sulk when I bought my first pair of….large sized jeans (loose feels so much better than tight but my belt is slowly increasing in notches again!!)
Roseanne continuing on DVD in Region 2
Yeah, that’ll do for now.