It is as far as I am concerned.  The last social engagement was on Thursday so I’m free for another year.  All in all, what with people feeling the squeeze and a general apathy and lethargy over the whole winter season, it has been quieter than usual and yet I’m somewhat disappointed that a number of people gave up the ghost without at least battling.
Mine was going to be a modest Xmas until I got drunk and went to HMV and spent almost £200 on junk.  I can afford it (just) but I must remember that alcohol + debit cards is a fatal equation to balance.  Thank God the rest of the week has been a bit more modest and beyond lunch with Raj on Monday, there’s nothing else I have to fritter money away on until the 31st. 
One more month and it’s the end of Council Tax season so I shall think about birthday etc.  Thing is, my birthday is on a Monday this year which is always hell-inspiring.  2004 was the last time it was on a Monday – IIRC, we were all in the Stag.
Ugh.  Birthdays.