I guess I need to write this one down because there’s nobody here to unload on – at least if you’ll forgive the expression.  Yesterday was the World Aids Day fundraiser which was a success despite the small(ish) turnout.  And afterwards was quite nice too.  Today I went out to waste my cash on the first of the Xmas gifts although Joe got some pressies too…very embarassing ones.
When I got on the tube, I was tired, cold and hungry and should have recognised the signs that I was heading for a Piscean burnout. After an emotional high, I always crash and burn, often at inopportune times and people don’t understand why.  It’s a funk that has to be ridden out like a storm before slow recovery which can last hours, days or even a few weeks.  This is definitely the overnight kind but other people don’t make it easy.  Housemates that completely undo all my hard work keeping house.  The kitchen which was tidy on Sunday is now in the middle of its 1980s Beiruit impression, the carpet is filthy and covered in crap.  The bathroom is a disgrace and the recycling bin is full of foodstuffs.  I sometimes wonder why I bother.
And then the landlord rang, whining about rent.  I didn’t answer the phone because I knew if I did, I’d give him an earful about not doing all the maintenance jobs he promised to fulfil at the end of August (AUGUST for fuck’s sake).  Last week’s torrential downpour was greatly assisted by the full guttering causing a waterfall over the back door which of course let some of the water in.  But that’s ok, I’m happy to pay over £1000 for a house that leaks. 
I guess I’m also absorbing some of the stresses from other people at work and making their emotions my emotions.  I feel stressed out, tired and resentful of authority which is how someone at lunch described themselves.  And they say I have no empathy.
An early(ish) night is definitely called for.  And tomorrow I should be able to finish GTA Chinatown Wars which is another game checked off the list as done.  And well worth the money too.