Sunday, the proverbial day of rest.  Went out to a certain venue under the Arches in SE1, the one that I created the Wikipedia page for and continually has to be edited so that it doesn’t read like a free advertisment…anyway, went there on Saturday, hung out with Darren & Nick (the ex-housemate and current squeeze), watched people get drunk, dodged more than a few groping hands and went home at 5.35 somewhat…satisfied.
Came home, wasn’t tired so decided to punish my body for all those times it wouldn’t let me sleep last week by not going to bed.  Admit I had a nap between 10.30 and 12.30 or at least dozed on the couch but after that I perked right up and spent the rest of the day playing Resident Evil on the Wii (almost finished it) and snacked on the crap in the fridge.  Wasn’t impressed by the weather, it was a horrible humid heat, the worst kind and just felt sticky all day.  At least a dry heat is an honest one; humid is spitefully deceptive.
I bought the Observer whilst waiting for the train – first time I’ve ever splashed out for that particular newspaper.  I stopped buying newspapers years ago; I’m with Egon on this one, print is dead.  Long live online news services.  £2 though – obscene.  And most of it was tosh.  I read the paper itself which was ok but all the supplements were just shite.  Apart from the recipe for courgette cake which I just have to try at least once because it seems so unbelievable.