"I nearly had an attack of shoppers rage today.  My nearest Tesco has been open for 7  years and after almost 2500 days of trading, they decided to move the binbags to the petfood section.  It took me 45 minutes to track them down and I had to ask several members of staff.  Am still tempted to return this evening and burn the place down.
I just don’t understand why people rock the boat in utterly calm waters. If you want danger, eat a burger from any train station concession stand or pull the emergency lever on a tube train on the hottest day of the year right in the middle of the morning rush-hour."
Cannot understand how I spent £92 at the supermarket today.  Yes I bought all those carbonated drinks but they only came to about £15.  Excluding the Curiousity Cola and I bought 12 bottles of that.  And the wine.  And the cheese.  Oh lordy…
So, a capsule review of my first week off of work.  More or less stress free except when a certain letter came on Friday.  I read its contents, ripped it up and threw it in the bin.  It’s for a debt I don’t owe and this time I am going to let it go to court and let a magistrate sort it out.  And the husband had better get a job so he can sort out repayment of the debt because I’m sick of this saga.  But yes, stress free.  Feeling tired in the mornings when I get up even though I’ve had at least 8 hours in the sack although that could be down to low blood-sugar.  Today I didn’t eat a meal until well after 4 and I was beginning to stagger around the house as if I were drunk.  I have to get a GP to test my blood for hypoglycemia.
What else – was out of the house 4 days out of 5, had plenty of exercise, ate correctly, had a good sweat, lunch with H, nothing too insane to report.  Completed a Wii game, did a little shopping, very pleased.  But will this last or am I going to be whining that I’m bored in the middle of the week?  Well, Monday is CSRA day, Tuesday is lunch with Mr Simmons and I need to get a hold of Alex for lunch at some point.  Plus there may be a doggie visitor on Friday.