Thursday was definitely the day of rest – spent 8 hours on Lego Indiana Jones but have completed it to 100%.  That now makes 50% of my Wii games completed so naturally I have to buy a bunch more and leave them in their boxes for months at a time!  Now I want to kill off the original Resident Evil for Wii but I haven’t been doing well with Jill on normal level;  I have been way too spoiled by Resident Evil 4.
Otherwise very little to report.  Was watching season 4 of Roseanne and remarked to housemate that Glenn Quinn who played Mark died from cocaine abuse at the age of 32.  This led to a conversation about talented people who died from drug-related problems, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Brad Renfro et al and cursed the futility of it all.  And most of them were around my age too.