This one wasn’t emailed – but it would have been.
Took forever to go to sleep last night.  I’m not sure why but having only had about six hours thanks to a combination of racing brain and the bin men the night before, I was sure that eight hours would have been possible.  I was mistaken – seven hours was my lot.  Still, after the fog had left my brain and brunch had settled, I made my way down to Streatham for Chariots.  I don’t know if I broke my endurance record – I think 6½ hours definitely has to be in the top 3 scores.  2½ in the sweat room, 45 mins in the Jacuzzi, 45 mins in the steam room and the rest of the time was come-down time.  Still, my skin has never looked cleaner and my belt doesn’t feel half as oppressive.  If I only get one thing from my time off of work, it’s to lose around 3-7 kilos which I think is attainable. 
After the sauna, took the train to Victoria and as I was still in what I term "the heat buzz" where it could be -40 outside and I’d still have that sauna glow and could waltz around topless.  So I decided to to the 5 miler up to Holborn station.  Feet are raw but I’m pleased at the progress.  Whilst strolling through Hyde Park, I must have seen about three late night joggers, it was almost like having the whole park to myself.  Put me in the mind of Hampstead, must be at least two, perhaps three years since I was last up there (I suspect the latter).  Maybe it’s time to get reacquainted, after all, I did write the definitive guide.
Utterly self indulgent crap I know but I’m not forcing anyone to read…