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Isn’t alliteration great?  And I lied in the above – it’s hardly Bacchanalian as there’s no wine.


Well, I’ve finally succumbed to the cruel folly of Earth’s rotation around the sun thirty times since the date of my birth (unless you don’t subscribe to Copernican theories in which case the Universe’s rotation around the Earth thirty times).  In the last year I was tempted to do as the books and TV recommend – make a list of things to do by the time one turns 30 but I’d only set the lowest of the low standards for myself and claim a hollow victory.  The only goal I did set for myself was when I was 21 and relocated back to London from that ash-heap centre of Pagan-Worship called Nottingham; I had met an uptight German who worked for DTi who was 30 and was a G7/PB6 and I promised myself I’d get there before he would.  Clearly I’ve failed on that score as it took 7 years just to get to PB3 but there are many, many reasons for that debacle.


Anyway, bringing the point of this email back round to its intended purpose, this year also marks my tenth anniversary in the civil service (1 in the DSA, 9 in DETR/DTLR/DfT) and so I think that’s worthy of celebration as I haven’t been fired yet and I have yet to idly…remove the Executive Committee or cadre of Ministers despite many tired rants to the contrary, although the Sea-Hag did really get on my nerves in 2006.  What’s the secret of my longevity?  I would have to say Piscean stubbornness, general apathy and most important, some excellent colleagues/mentors/friends.


I think it’s fair to say that 2008 just stunk (at least for me) and 2009 isn’t going to get any better although the nice weather thus far this month is hopefully going to be an indication at least the elements are going to be good to us, even if a bunch of fat, overpaid, inbred, greedy bankers have ruined things for everyone.  I don’t actually know about the inbreeding but I wouldn’t be surprised.  To counter this, for at least one day, I’ve gone totally overboard with regard the office tradition of birthday treats.


So, I have taken a bunch of Marks & Sparks vouchers down to the Victoria Street and Oxford Street stores, swapped them for a bunch of sweet-tasting, fat-cell creating but oh-so good treats and have arranged them haphazardly on the filing cabinet behind me in GMH 3/28 and I therefore invite everyone in the list to come and share in the pro-obesity challenge.  After all, there’s a recession on and we all need comfort food.


And finally, a quick plug for Friday’s Party.




In case you couldn’t be bothered to read through all the crap above, here’s the condensed version.


Joe = 30 @ weekend – biscuits/sweets/cakes GMH 3/28 behind desk.

 Joe S