What’s £162?  This month’s grocery shop.  I did buy some socks too but they were only a fiver.  Still, I can afford to be the least bit capricious this month – new housemate all acquired and ready to move in.  And new TV purchased. 
My credit card protection is due for renewal this month – £70 for three years.  Considering I only have a £200 limit on that credit card, it hardly seems worth it really.
Birthday plans continue to unfold in earnest, despite the small issue of there not actually being any plans.  I have a vague notion of going out to Loco Mexicana on the following Monday with some of the gang.  Otherwise, naff all.  Actually that’s a lie.  I did think of getting my vouchers from AGB Nielsen (M&S this time) and throwing a beige buffet shindig at work but there’s a small issue with whom I’d invite.  A certain dumb bitch wouldn’t be allowed within 5000 miles of the place if possible, which would put her nicely in the middle of the Atlantic (in a SW direction, naturally).   Being as thick as two short planks, naturally she’d float back. 
Rat Boy hopefully has his birthday card and I still need to get Moffie one – assuming I can get to Scribbler and get something from the Mr Tourette’s range.  Too many spring birthdays.
If I had an actual life, there’d be more to write.  Well, it’s not so terrible I guess.  I could have crippling arthritis or something equally as nasty and spend most of my waking life doubled over in agonising pain.  I know I want to see the dawn of the 21st century but not if I’m in that sort of a condition when I get there.  That’s depressing.