I am into my second month of poverty and I am pleased its almost over.  Having June off of work will work wonders for my finances or if not then will ease the pressure as the household bills will no doubt be appearing for the first financial quarter of 08/09.  I won’t be purchasing a travel card which’ll save £110 and that leaves July as a hell month to cope with – that and its nasty 31 days.  Come August, my 3 season tickets will be paid off (thanks to the incompetence of HM Government) and that’ll leave my £150 better off per month.  Good ol’ Gord is also giving me £60 in September + another £10 pcm until March which atop tax changes for underpaid serfs like me makes the tax man give me back £20 per month.  And with any luck, my outstanding debt to Dr B will be returned in September which is worth…as little as £2200 but as much as £3000 which will in turn allow the death of credit cards + overdraft saving another £80 repayments.
And another short term debt is killed off in October giving me £30 more per month.  With a little luck and a lot of faith in the Force, our paydeal should be agreed asap this year which (if we go by form) will mean a minimum of another £60 per month, depending on how I do in my report rating.
So I could be £280-£350 better off per calendar month by the end of the year, all for this financial squeeze now.  I’m reminded of John Major’s ill fated poster campaign pre the 1997 election – "Yes it hurt but it worked".