I think, cross fingers, cross eyes, cross nuts…(!) that I might finally have gotten rid of all my diseases and ailments.  My stomach has stopped lurching, my toe is drained, my shoulder pain has receded and even the dreaded hangnail has healed.  I realise that as I type, some germ or bacteria is massing for a counter-attack and after all the liquor I put away last night (and I had the lunatic idea to mix my drinks), my immune system is already being taxed to the limit.
Well, Pauline at work assented to let me have the next two weeks off of work as there was nothing I am able to do other than sit around and read newspapers and other periodicals, not that I don’t excel at that…
Paul’s last day is on Wednesday so the onus is on me to select a decent leaving present or two. I was somewhat disappointed with the collection from Private Office on Monday so I took the card to Press Office and to Aviation to get them all to cough up.  Needless to say, the envelope was significantly heavier and I was heartened to see several banknotes in there.  I don’t know what to get him though as he’s off to Syria c/o the Peace and Reconcilliation Committee.  Pauline suggested a "coping with a war-zone" type book as a gag gift which I think is a fun idea but want to get him something really good as a main gift.  As he’s going to be away for at least 6 months, it would be nice if he could take something with him although I’m married to the chocolate fountain idea somewhat.  I know, it’s something I’d like to have and I’m probably projecting but he does like fondue and the fountain can be used for fondue…
I ordered my picture from art.com on 31st March – it was the first thing I did that day but has it arrived yet?  Has it buggery.  And after I’ve totally rearranged all the furniture in the lounge too.  I saw a really nice glass coffee table in the Argos Home catalogue – which is against my theory of "Coffee Tables are hideous monstrosities which only collect crap".  It’s a sound theory but the way things are now in there, it could actually use one.  Not to mention that my PC desk is the centrifugal force of crap – currently there are several copies of Boyz, 6 history books, a dozen or so Star Wars comics, a board game, 2 bars of chocolate, one empty drinking glass, the remote control for the DVD, a tub of Vaseline (don’t ask), Star Wars stickers that I got free in the Forbidden Planet yesterday and a book on London.  And the desk still looks reasonably uncluttered!
I wish my landlord would hurry up and get married or whatever it is he’s planning to do.  He called me a couple of weeks ago apologising that he hasn’t been round to do any maintenance or install the kitchen sink he purchased a few months ago which is frustratingly sat under the stairs.  Once he’s married or things have calmed down re the wedding then he’ll be able to do stuff.  I’ve tried to explain about the damp problem in Nick’s room requiring urgent attention but has he shown up?  Bad man.
I’ve just logged into gaydar to check messages and noticed that my profile rating has shut up exponentially.  I looked at profile thing and note that at least 30 people have viewed it in the past few days.  I looked at sex factor and I’ve made the top ten again.  I know it’s horribly fickle but always nice to feel wanted.
So no traumas, no dramas this last week.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a crappy vacuum cleaner to push around the floor and some candle wax to pick off the wall…oh to be young.