I went to see V for Vendetta with André on Friday – so glad I did.  The destruction of the Old Bailey and the Houses of Parliament set to the 1812 Overture was class.  And the rest of it was classy too.  I am tempted, strongly tempted to go and see it again.
Had a 1-2-1 with André on Saturday – he’d been concerned (since Thursday) that we didn’t have that much in common.  I thought it was a prelude to breaking up and so naturally I felt queasy.  I mentally prepared to let him go.  We talked for a couple of hours about us, where things were now, where things were going.  He did say he loved me to bits and wanted us to be together.
It made me think about just how much do we have in common – he’s got a well off background, I’m mired in poverty.  He used to be a professional sportsman, I’m a lazy bastard.  He likes red wine, I like white…to name a few.  Do we have a future together? 
On the other hand, does anyone want a partner who is a clone of themselves?  There is a reason two people get together; I think Lisa Simpson has the best line about this.  The only reason for two people to be together is because they give each other something nobody else can give them.  We do have some stuff in common, we both have a boarding school background, we are both very intelligent, we like the same elements of the gay scene…I suppose we could have a relationship where we fill in the gaps and niches in each other’s lives.
Either way, I really don’t want to lose him, he’s warm, tender, passionate, calm, funny and does have the sexy accent…