Today I did two thinks that I very seldom do.  Slept for 12 hours and did my exercises.  And you know what, aside from the general Monday morning malaise (which has become something of a running joke in the office I feel somewhat…compelled to maintain the pretense) I felt good.
Granted, I spent the past 28 hours awake aside from a 30 minute doze on the couch watching Family Guy on DVD and I spent most of the weekend eating crap so both things were needed.  I also felt compelled to give into my hunger at 9am Sunday morning and tucked into a McDonalds sausage and egg bagel.  I know I’m a veggie but even veggies crave sausage every now and again.  Rubber eggs and tepid sausage.  Still, I remember the Big Breakfast fondly from Nottingham when I had all those coupons.  How many stone did I gain in Nottingham?  
KB gave the clearest sign yet that she might be reshuffled in during the Recess reshuffle.  She said that she was going to be coming into the office next week (although she’d planned to take it off) "for reasons that will soon be made clear".  Ominous eh?  None of us want KB to leave.  I hope that Stewart or Pauline are able to get a job before she goes – I’ll have more chance of being promoted that way.
Other than that, still doing more and more part time work with money rolling in.  I like having the money, I like being able to buy myself things without having to worry about how much money I have left in my account but I miss my Saturdays (last year I never thought I’d say that).  I got my Roseanne DVD Season 2 today and I’m going to be watching that for a long time to come – Inbetween Dancing Mario sessions.