That’s just a line from Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode which is what I’m listening to at the moment.
Well, I did the door whore thing last night at XXL.  It was ok until about 2.30am when the customers all but stopped coming in and I was utterly cunted.  Couldn’t stop yawning for the last half an hour.  Still, it was ok.  I got paid £100 for my trouble and even got a free t-shirt!
Went out today with my ill-gotten gains which weren’t burning a hole in my pocket, honest.  Persuaded myself to buy DS9 season 4 over Voyager on the grounds that at least I had the Voyager tapes on video.  Still, Season 5 Voyager will be next – purely because it will clear a tonne of space on my shelves.
I went to Berwick Street market on Friday and bought a tonne of vegetables on the grounds that I was going to cook something resembling a traditional Sunday lunch.  I have to say I use traditional in its loosest sense because once my male parent was ejected from the army (took redundancy…), Sunday lunch was always pasta!  Anyway, could I be bothered to cook it today?  Could I buggery.  Still, it has to be cooked at some point tomorrow or Tuesday.
Still doing the sit-ups – have only missed one days worth in the past two weeks and have been doing over 100 per day for the last 7 days.  50 then 30 then 20 + however many more I can do.  130 is the high-score so far.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but I can feel a slight difference.  I have to do more if I really want to see my gut shrivel but exercise is BORING.
Oh – Graham (Cheekygrin) published photos from Dave’s birthday shindig.  I hate myself in them – look so FAT.  Ugh.