The title is something of a misnomer, admittedly.  It’s gay men in saunas that I don’t get.  Why are there so many teasers out there who give you the come on and then shun you at the moment of truth?  Are their lives in that desperate need of validation that they need to behave that badly?  Are they so in need of some sort of validation, even if it is internal that they don’t care who they piss off?
Secondly – why do men bother when all they want is their own sexual gratification?  Case and point:  yesterday, 3 of the guys I was with didn’t want me at all, they just wanted another presence whilst they got their rocks off.  I should have gotten angry because I know how intimidating I can be when angry.  I know I’ve not been perfect in all my wheelings and dealings but at least I’m honest about it.  Darkrooms – just let them get on with it, they know I’m not interested, I make it clear and they proceed anyway.  Sometimes I’ll stop them, sometimes I don’t.  But I don’t deliberately lead them around by the nose and then dump them when I feel like it.
Time for another letter to Boyz?